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Cast Bios (alphabetical order)

  1. Andreas Anderson (Root) Andreas born in Hamburg, Germany and studied Physics in college (even though he'd always had a passion for acting). At the age of 26, he had enough money saved to start a new life  and decided to move to LA and become an actor. He has been studying at Theatre Group Studio in West Los Angeles for 5 years now, and has appeared in several plays and films as well.



  1. Geneviere Anderson (Dolly Malone) Geneviere is a chameleon of an actor - she can play a sassy vamp or a girl next door with the same apparent ease. That comes from being a seasoned actor, who has ten movies and TV shows under her belt. Along with “Creature”, Gen has two other movies coming out soon as well – “Sugarboxx” and “The Adventures of Umbweki”. Geneviere is also a master cheff, who has travelled the world extensively to find exotic recipes, which she then modifies to fit today's healthy lifestyles. Gen recently put these skills to use in her own cooking show “Gen’s Guiltless Gourmet”, now playing around the world. At the set Geneviere mesmerized us by her professionalism. The editor had the easiest task putting her scenes together, since she always repeated her gestures precisely the same way take after take.


  1. Melissa Anderson (Latisha) MELISSA ANDERSON  is a actor from Southern California of Jamaican descent. By the age of eight, she had been cast in her first school play, igniting a passion that led her to study English and Theatre at the University of Southern California. Since 2006, she has studied Method acting with Lorinne Vozoff at the Theatre Group Studio and also is an active member of the Towne Street Theatre company. Creature of Habit marks her feature film debut. Between acting and her newest role as a mother, Melissa runs The Hip Green Mama, helping other parents create eco-friendly, sustainable homes.


  1.  Beautiful Nadine
    NADINE AUREL (Sabrina)
    Beautiful Nadine is truly a citizen of the world. She was born in New Zealand, raised in Switzerland and speaks fluent English, German and French. After having moved to Los Angeles Nadine has studied Konstantin Stanislavski’s method acting under Lorinne Vozoff, appeared in numerous plays around town and landed a few film roles. But don't let her movie star looks fool you - Nadine is also  box, rollerblade, do martial arts and of course, being from the land of the Alps – snowboard. She belongs to a stunt acting team and is currently taking fencing lessons.

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    1. Shevaun
      SHEVAUN CAVANAUGH KASTL (Bliie Banks) Lovely Shevaun is a true entertainment professional. Raised by former Broadway performers, Shevaun began singing and dancing at the age of 7. She went on to a healthy career in musical theatre, touring in shows all over the world, until an injury forced her to retire from professional dancing. She moved to LA 3 1/2 years ago to pursue film, and just completed her 10th feature. When she's not shooting, Shevaun plays gigs with her rock band "The Generics" where she's the lead singer.


    1.  Taisto

    2. TAISTO LISKI (Mr. Reddenbocker) Taisto is the incarnation of the American dream. The Finnish native brought his family to the U.S. back in 1967, and ffter a successful career, he  recently retired in Signal Hill, California with his wife and business partner, Helka. In Creature of Habit, Taisto was able to showcase his flying and driving skills plus his humorous outlook on life. Taisto hosted us graciously in Idyllwild at his vacation house, a key location for the movie.  We added his jovial persona on the screen as well and he did fine without any formal training as an actor.


    1. Olman
      Evan Olman from Oregon descends from a long line of extraordinary thespians, whose talents and accomplishments have never been equaled…but he’s really a humble guy.  His pursuits stem from a profound love of acting and a dedication to improving his craft.  Believe in your work!




     Brian is a Southern man from Mississippi. His interest in acting was kindled at an early age. Performing in high school plays sealed the deal. He relocated in SoCal in 1989 to pursue his acting career. He first studied drama at the Groundlings Improv School in Hollywood, later at the L.A. Connection in Sherman Oaks. He has performed in plays around Los Angeles. In the meantime he studied medical field, becoming a health care professional. For the past five years Brian has studied method acting in Lorinne Vozoff's Theatre Group Studio. Brian makes his screen debut in "Creature of Habit".

    Rhea Roma (Local Lady) Rhea is a multi-talented artist. She has acted in indie films, performed in burlesque and cabaret shows and can even swallow a sword. She is also  very active in rescuing animals. Rhea is a member of Burlesque Hall of Fame.




    1. Vincent

    2. VINCENT WEIR (Officer Messner) A Texan native from Dallas, Vincent has appeared in five movies and on television in Andy Dick Show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He has an extensive theatrical background having studied acting in Los Angeles and New York and has appeared in three plays. Ruggedly good-looking Vincent is a sporty guy who can play anything from baseball to volleyball, wrestle and skydive among other physical activities. In addition to his native Texan drawl, Vincent also masters the New York, Southern and Spanish accents.